Put this episode on repeat.

Because one of the most difficult things in life is accepting ourselves.

When it comes to self-acceptance we delay gratification. We can’t have it until we get the job, or find the relationship, or make the money, or lose the weight …

The question is, where does it end?

Even if we checked every box on our self-acceptance wish lists, chances are we’d create one more delay tactic, yet another “until” before we’re happy with who we are.

That is, until we discover that the items on our lists weren’t really who we were in the first place. Just our best attempts to conform to who and what we should be, when our greatest gift is our uniqueness.

On today’s episode, Louise Hay shows you how to appreciate your uniqueness so you can be happy now by accepting all parts of you. 

This one is POWERFUL — one of those clips you’ll want to listen to over and over again.

You can find Louise’s books at QODBooks.com. You can watch today’s full talk here.

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