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1691 | David Meltzer: “Forgiveness is The Fastest Way to Put Yourself at Peace."

Yo, I'm Sean!

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I’m an entrepreneur, podcaster, OG video blogger, and bookworm who wants nothing more than to help you Stand Out in a crowded online space.

My job is to help you grow your online business … but not in the way you might think. While content creation, copywriting, and sales conversions are incredibly important to your business, what’s even more important is your mindset — the way you think and feel about sales, marketing, money, and yourself.

My own entrepreneurial journey began way back in 2007 when I started one of the very first health-based YouTube channels called Underground Wellness.

While my timing was perfect for entering the online space, my mindset certainly wasn’t. The harsh, mean comments from YouTube viewers often crushed my spirit. Like you, I struggled with being seen and heard. And while I had an important message to share with the public, becoming a “public figure” was not something I was comfortable with.

Nor was I too cozy with being a “marketer” or charging money for my health coaching services. In fact, I was charging $397 for 12-session coaching packages. Yikes! Anything to keep prospects from saying no, and to keep me from owning my true worth.

After attracting the wrong clients, feeling grossly underpaid, and being hit with more negative comments than I could handle …

I quit

On a summer day in 2009, I deleted all of my YouTube videos. Millions of views, instantly gone. Forty thousand subscribers, confused. And to make matters even worse, I shut down my Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Honestly, quitting made me feel a sense of relief.

But the relief was short-lived.

Soon I realized that my passion and my mission to help others was bigger than myself. It was about making a real difference in the lives of others, not about ruminating on comments and disapproval.

And that’s when I made a commitment to work on my mindset just as much as I worked to improve my content, copywriting, and conversions.

My business (and life) has never been the same.

Since changing my relationship with sales, marketing, and money, I’ve hosted 3 hugely popular podcasts — Underground Wellness Radio, The Sean Croxton Sessions, and The Quote of The Day Show — with over 75 million total downloads. I’ve hosted 7 of the internet’s most attended online health summits. I’ve created and taught one of the most popular money mindset courses. And I’ve earned a phenomenal living doing what I love to do — helping entrepreneurs just like you become their very best selves.

My philosophy on life and work is: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.”

In other words, creating the online business you want is the culmination of a series of small steps that lead you toward your ultimate vision. But most high-ticket marketing courses skip the most critical step of them all — mastering your mindset.

Take your first small step to becoming an entrepreneur who Stands Out, not one who feels Left Out, by downloading my free ebook, The Course Cure: 5 Invisible Reasons Why High-Ticket Internet Marketing Courses aren’t Helping Your Business. You’ll love it!

Can’t wait to help you help others!


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