I always look forward to Fridays.

No, not in a TGIF kinda way. But because every Friday at noon I meet with my Money Mind Academy students for our weekly Community Call.

That’s when I get to hear the stories. Magical stories about significant sums of money just showing up in my students’ lives, in the most unpredictable ways.

While I can’t help but be excited for them, the truth is that this is simply universal business-as-usual.

You see, there’s a formula for manifesting whatever you want in life. And my students know the formula. Not just in a generic self-help platitude kind of way. They know the science — the brain waves, neurochemistry, electromagnetism, heart coherence, the whole deal.

It’s too much for me to include in an blog post of course. But if you have 9 minutes, check out today’s episode. Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks it down in story form, showing you exactly how to become a master manifestor.

FYI: Money Mind Academy Summer Session kicks off June 4th. Stay tuned!

You can find Dr. Dispenza’s books at QODBooks.com. You can find today’s full talk here.

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