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Here's What the Marketing Gurus NEVER Tell You ...

⚠️ Internet marketing courses have a 3% success rate! ⚠️

Yes, 97% of the coaches, experts, and course creators who spend thousands of dollars on courses and online programs DON’T get the results they wanted.

Why? Because building a successful online business is more than social media strategies, tasty content, and funnel hacks.

The truth is, becoming a Stand Out Entrepreneur is 80% MINDSET. Your business is a reflection of how your brain is wired.

In fact, most of the experts selling marketing courses ALREADY had the entrepreneurial mindset BEFORE they started their businesses. They never had the limiting beliefs and blocks that you’re struggling with!

That’s why my  neuroscience-based, 3-step Boss Brain Method is specifically designed to give internet entrepreneurs like you “a hidden edge” that will permanently eliminate the mindset blocks that have been stopping you from turning information into action, making an impact, and building your dream business.

Let’s build your Boss Brain.

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3 Steps to Taking Your Online Business from Left Out to STAND OUT

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    Release Limiting Beliefs

    Permanently free yourself from limiting beliefs about sales, marketing, and money, so you can enroll clients and customers without feeling sleazy, get your products in front of the right people, and finally start charging what you're really worth.

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    Silence Your Inner Critic

    Say goodbye to that mean, nasty conversation going on in your head. The one that talks you out of taking action and tells you why you can't do it. Consider it GONE!

  • 03

    Master Your Emotions

    Discover simple strategies for weathering the emotional ups and downs of entrepreneurship, so you can handle the inevitable rejections, hater comments, and launches gone wrong.

Hey There,

I know exactly what you're going through.

Sean Croxton seated in a chair holding his glasses

You became an online entrepreneur because you had a dream to do what you’re passionate about. You wanted to work for yourself, set your own schedule, help lots of people, and make money doing what you love.

My dream was the same.

But when I took the leap and followed my dream, I lived in constant fear of being wrong, of being criticized, of being found out. I was afraid to charge what I was worth. And clicking the “publish” button gave me the worst kind of anxiety.

No matter how many business courses and certifications I enrolled in, the anxiety never went away and I struggled to take action on what I’d learned.

While my friends were growing their businesses and earning insane amounts of money, I couldn’t help but feel left out.

That’s when I discovered that becoming a successful online business owner is almost impossible without doing the inner work — releasing my limiting beliefs, increasing my self-confidence, and learning how to manage my emotions.

Since then, I’ve built two highly successful online businesses — with over 60 million podcast downloads, 30 million YouTube video views, and multiple six- and seven-figure launches.

Now, my mission as a Certified Transformational Neurocoach is to help you build your business from the inside out, so you can be there for the people who need you.

It’s time for you to STAND OUT, make an impact, and build a business you love.

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What students are saying

Prior to working with Sean, I had no idea in what direction to take my nutrition practice or how to make it successful. I went from barely being able to pay my bills to having a multiple 6-figure business, while working LESS than I ever have. I am forever grateful to you, Sean!

Shawn MynarHolistic Nutritionist

Sean’s coaching has helped me reach more people in the last year than the previous 10 years combined. He is a mindset and marketing genius who is committed to producing results. Thank you for helping me help others.

Ben AzadiYouTuber, Keto Camp

I've seen 100% growth in my business and 1000% growth in my confidence! Sean managed to break through my mental blocks in a way that years of life coaching and counseling never could. I am forever grateful to Sean for changing my life.


Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
Enrollment opens June 8, 2022
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