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1516 | Robert Kiyosaki: “I Got the Best Education of All Because I Surrounded Myself with Smart People.”

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All inquiries are highly appreciated, and we’ll do our darnedest to get back to you within 72 hours.

I’ll be honest, returning email can be pretty time-consuming. So all emails go to my assistant for filtering before arriving in my personal inbox. If my assistant, Katey, can answer your question, she’ll respond directly.

I feel that I should lead by example and set clear boundaries.

I will not be able to return emails requesting advice regarding personal problems. I love helping people. However, such emails put a lot of pressure on me and deplete my energy.

I cannot answer questions regarding your personal health. I cannot review products. And I cannot return really long emails with lots of question marks.

Please click the email link and Katey or I will get back with you.