We don’t even know we have it.

Most of us assume that it’s a fear of failure that holds us back.

But many times it’s the opposite. We fear our own success.

The fear of losing it. Of being found out. The loneliness. The judgments. The very public criticisms. The expectations. The responsibility that comes with it.

So we justify our procrastinations. We’ll take the leap as soon as … well, fill in the blank.

The truth is, the fear of success needs no justification. It’s normal. And, in my opinion, becoming more aware of this fear can help us navigate our way through it.

One of the most pivotal things I ever did along my journey was pick up Dr. Srini Pillay’s book, Life Unlocked, in which chapter 3 — Fear of Success — completely altered my perception of myself.

What I thought was a fear of failing, really wasn’t. Unconsciously, it was success that terrified me. Reading that chapter suddenly made it conscious.

When the unconscious becomes conscious, you’ve taken the first step toward real change.

On today’s Motivation Monday episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Lisa Jimenez, author of Slay the Dragon, shares what happened when a mentor called her out on her apparent fear of success.

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