It’s like the tide.

It goes out and it comes in.

The financially free are well acquainted with this flow. The out and the in.

When asked, many will disclose that it is the very reason WHY they are financially free. They worked with the flow. Even before their high tides came in.

You see, many of us delay our giving until high tide. We hold back, until. We’ll give it, when.

But the secret to becoming financially free is to give from where you are.

The flow doesn’t care if your giving is big or small, Benjamins or Washingtons or Lincolns, well publicized or completely anonymous.

Its sole concern is your participation in the flow.

Another secret. The truly financially free — the ones who sleep well at night — don’t give because they’ve gotten. They’ve gotten because they gave.

Out … in … out … in.

Are you participating in the flow, or standing on shore waiting for your tide to come in?

Have you been holding back in your giving, until you have “enough” to give?

The opportunities to give are all around us. Rounding up at checkout to contribute to a cause. Taking clothes and books to the donation bin. Dropping pocket change into the red kettle. Donating a teddy bear to the toy drive. Leaving a bigger tip than usual. Paying the toll for the person behind you.

Out … in … out … in.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the tide has in store for you.

On today’s Finance Friday episode of The Quote of The Day Show, Tony Robbins encourages you to stop waiting to have enough before you give what you can, now.

Happy Friday!

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