You MUST have this.

Even the late singer George Michael knew he had to have it … before this river became an ocean and his heart was thrown back on the floor.

Baaaaaaaaby! 🙂

George had to have FAITH (… faith .. faith).

Nope, that’s no fooooolish notion. In fact, it’s what Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, called The Second Step Toward Riches.

Somehow, someway, George must have known that any dominating desire, plan, or purpose that he backed with faith would be taken over by his subconscious mind and acted upon immediately.

Maybe that explains all of those hit singles.

But I feel like the overwhelming majority of us don’t fully comprehend what it means to have faith. Real faith. That George Michael kind of faith.

To me it means having no doubt. None.

To have faith is to have such an intense belief and conviction in some thing and in oneself, that it’s as if the thing desired is already here.

That kind of faith is a rare faith. But it’s the only faith.

Or as Napoleon Hill says on today’s Flashback Friday episode of The Quote of The Day Show …

“Faith without Absolute Positive Belief is Dead.”

Where there is no faith and action, there is no manifestation. Rivers become oceans. Hearts hit the floor. You can sit idly by and wait for something more.

Or, you can take your doubts and show them the door.

You gotta have faith, faith, faith.

Thanks, George.

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