Well …

Last night I was pretty excited about writing this morning’s post.

It was supposed to be about all of the negativity going on in the world these days, and the fact that it’s almost politically incorrect to feel good when there’s so much bad happening.

I mean, how can anyone feel all shiny and happy when millions of people are without power in Puerto Rico. When families have lost their homes in Florida and Texas. When racists march the streets with torches.

This was supposed to be a post about rising above it. Focusing on the positive. Not letting these chaotic times get you down. Turning that frown upside down despite it all.

But I woke up this morning. I meditated for thirty minutes. I felt good about the day ahead. About writing an inspiring post to help start your week off on the right foot.

Yet the feeling wouldn’t last long. Because more than 50 lives ended tragically while I slept. They just wanted to have fun. To sing and to dance. To go home when it was over. To tell their friends and co-workers all about it today. But they won’t. They can’t. Because they’re not here anymore.

So I can’t help but ask myself, who am I to suggest that anyone “feel good” when 50 human beings are gone, 400 are injured, and not a single person at that concert will ever be the same again?

I can’t be the self-help guy who wants everyone to put their heads in the sand and pretend everything is just fine. Because things aren’t fine. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling the emotional impact of recent events. You’re human.

On the other hand, I know that the way we feel individually makes an impression on our consciousness collectively. A collaborative vibration of fear, apathy, and hopelessness tends to attract more to be fearful, apathetic, and hopeless about.

There we come upon the dilemma. To somehow think and feel above these clearly perilous circumstances and tragic events. And to do it in a way that honors, acknowledges, and respects those who have been affected by them. Because if we can’t in some way start to feel better, not only as a country but as a global community, we will likely get more of the same.

So for what it’s worth, today’s message on The Quote of The Day Show is about how we can feel good and stay connected to Source, even when things seem hopeless. Even on mornings like this one, as difficult as it may be. Click the PLAY button above to listen to Wayne Dyer.

Today’s excerpt is from Dr. Dyer’s program, The Secrets of the Power of Intention available on audible.com.

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