Personally I think it’s one giant myth.

Because the more I tried to get it, the more frazzled I’d get.

I had this image in my head of how my life should have looked. You know, the perfect balance of family, friendships, work, and personal time.

Uhhhhh, not happening. So I’ve totally let go of this elusive concept we call “work-life balance” and learned how to be present.

You want to know what boggles my mind?

How so many of us complain about not having work-life balance, but somehow we have time to double-tap Instagram pics, keep the text threads going, and promptly return totally-not-urgent emails when we could be getting work done.

I mean, if we got fully present with our work, we’d get more done and have more time for family, friends, and ourselves.

Because seriously, it’s perfectly okay to hit the Quit button on our email apps.

Our friends can wait until this evening to find out “what we’re doing” at 10:37am. (Working, duh…)

And we wouldn’t have to take work home with us if we didn’t spend an hour a day scrolling through images and reading those way-too-personal Facebook posts.

I kinda ranted about this on today’s episode of The QOD Show. Carrie Wilkerson — a.k.a. The Barefoot Executive — goes in on the myth of work-life balance, how to be more present in our everyday lives, and how to eliminate or cut back on the many distractions that keep us from the people, relationships, and projects we value most.

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