There’s this Netflix show.

It’s about a well-to-do Black family living in a well-to-do suburb doing well-to-do things.

I thought the show was funny AF. (Though most people I know hated it.)

Anyway, the dad had to have all the bling — the latest kicks, the dopest sweatsuits, the sickest rides.

He was obsessed with making sure everyone knew he was somebody, that he had money, that he’d “made it.”

While his character was hilarious, he also made me a little bit sad. Because while I’d trade my house for his house and my hoodie collection for his collection any day of the week, something felt … off.

He didn’t seem whole. It was like he was using all the bling to fill a hole within himself.

He had money. Lots of it. But he wasn’t wealthy.

Having money and being wealthy are two very different things.

If you don’t know the difference, you could end up spending your entire life trying to fill a hole that has no bottom.

Today on the podcast, Eric Thomas makes a rare Finance Friday appearance to reveal what it means to be truly wealthy and whole.

Source: Eric Thomas | Abundant Wealth (Motivational)

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