I don’t know what happened.

What I know for sure is that even the most painful things you’ve been through have had the seed of equivalent benefit.

No, I don’t mean that every bad thing that’s ever happened to you has had something equally good come out of it.

I said the seed of equivalent benefit. And it’s what you do with this seed that makes all the difference.

The tendency is to put all of your attention on the negative thing that happened, never seeing the seed in front of you — the door that cracked open when the other one closed.

If you don’t see the seed, you’ll never plant it. Never nourish it. Never see it grow into something so magnificent and alive.

You’ll never see the seed when you’re not looking for it. There are a lot of people who found a gift in Covid-19. Some have been gifted the opportunity to spend time with their families. To start the new business. To write the book. To get back in shape. To have it all taken away so they’d have nothing to lose. (Because no one is more focused and determined than someone with nothing to lose.)

For every person who has found their seed, there are thousands who haven’t looked.

If the pandemic has you feeling down and out, I implore you to look for the seed. The gift. Because it’s there.

It’s always there.

On today’s QOD episode, Steve Harvey talks about living through these unprecedented times and how when one door closes, another one opens. Are you willing to walk through it?

Source: The Gift Of Pain | Motivational Talks With Steve Harvey

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