This is one of my favorite money tips.

It’s one my faves because expectation is everything. When you have faith that you’ll be financially successful, you’ll have no problem doing this.

Here’s what you do when you truly believe …

You dig ditches.

You’ll find out exactly what this means when you listen to today’s Finance Friday episode with Reverend Ike.

The short version. When you’re certain that your good is on its way, you get prepared for it in advance.

You open the savings account before you have money any to save.

You read books about what to do with all the money you’ll have.

In other words, you create space for your money to take up.

Because when you truly believe it’s yours before you even have it, you’ll have it.

Source: How to Access Your Channels of Success and Prosperity – Rev. Ike’s The Miracle Money Shovel, Part 1

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