It’s every parent’s nightmare.

Four years ago, her 16-year-old son was struck by a car and left for dead.


Grant had multiple brain bleeds, a torn aorta, 13 fractures, and almost no chance of surviving through the night. The docs told his family to give up and let him go.

But these doctors had no idea who they were dealing with. Because Grant’s mom is no quitter.

On the verge of losing her son, JJ Virgin chose to fight.

Though the docs gave every reason why Grant wouldn’t wake up from his coma … JJ and her health friends arranged therapies and supplement protocols for him.

The same docs said Grant would never walk again … but a year later he was playing tennis.

JJ had her mind made up. Despite what the medical professionals said, her son was not only going to survive. He was going to thrive.

If you’ve been a long-time subscriber, you may recall The Virgin Diet book launch promo of 2012. While the promo was a huge success making JJ’s book a national bestseller, what was going on behind-the-scenes was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever witnessed.

JJ was fighting for her son’s life.

If the book failed, she wouldn’t be able to support her son. If she left her son, he would have died. She had to find a way.

In today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show, JJ reveals the key to conquering life’s challenges without giving up or going into self-destruction mode.

She shows you how FEAR can be your friend and why “if you want to take the island, you have to burn all the boats.”

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