I was at the Amazon Books store.

Since I’m a die-hard bandwagon Golden State Warriors fan, I picked up a book about Steph Curry and flipped through it. Just browsing and stuff.

If you haven’t seen Steph play, its kinda insane. The guy can shoot 3-pointers from thirty feet out and hit nothing but net. Consistently.

Sometimes he even turns to run in the other direction BEFORE the ball goes in the basket. He knows it’s going in as soon as it leaves his hand.

The thing is, no other player in the NBA would ever dare attempt the long-distance shots Steph takes and makes. They might have all the talent in the world, but they lack the confidence to shoot from that deep.

I’m sure there was a time when Steph lacked the confidence as well. I’m also fairly certain that his first 30-footer landed somewhere in the bleachers. Wide left.

But he kept shooting it.

As the author of the book wrote, to become the greatest shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry had to “make difficult normal.”

I love that.

While everyone else was working on their dunks, Steph was making himself virtually unguardable by developing the “skillz” to shoot from anywhere inside of the half-court line.

The skillz he was developing were shooting (of course) and self-confidence.

Yes, confidence is a skill.

It’s something that ANY of us can learn. But only if we’re willing to do what Steph did. To put in the reps. To take the shots, miss the rim by a mile, and keep shooting.

To make difficult normal.

The question is, are we willing to shoot the airballs before the swishes?

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Dr. Ivan Joseph shares 3 ways to develop the SKILL of self-confidence.

The first is my favorite. It’s the mother, father, sister, and second cousin of all things learning — repetition, repetition, repetition.


Source: The Skill of Self-Confidence

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