These next two weeks are pivotal.

With the new year only days away, chances are you’ll be making a big decision on a goal you want to accomplish in 2020.

Whatever that goal might be, here’s a tip for ya …

Choose your support team wisely.

If certain friends and family members have a way of dismissing your dreams, this time they don’t need to know what you’re about to do.

Just show it to them when it’s done.

Choose one or two supportive people to hold you accountable as you move toward your goal.

Find a mentor who’s already done what you’re setting out to do.

And never accept the opinions of do-nothings, the folks who hang out in the bleachers running their mouths to cover up the fact that they’re scared sh*tless about actually setting foot on the field of life.

Their opinions don’t count.

Seek the counsel of those who’ve committed themselves to creating, not hating.

Who’s gonna be on your team?

And who’s not?

Remember, WHO you decide to have on your team is just as important as the goal you’re setting.

On today’s final “Best of 2019” episode of the podcast, Brené Brown shares her thoughts on the realities of playing full-out in the arena of life and what to do when the critics (sometimes disguised as good friends and family) shout down from way up in their bleacher seats.

Source: Brene Brown: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

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