Go the extra mile.

It’s one of the most basic success principles. Problem is, very few are willing to do it.

Doing more than you’re paid for, exceeding expectations, is a rare quality demonstrated by those who know the laws.

Just like there are physical laws like gravity and the conservation of energy, there are universal laws of success that, when abided, will unlock life’s treasures.

One of these laws is The Law of Compensation which states that the amount of money you will earn will always be in exact ratio to 3 things. One of which — your ability to do what you do — can ONLY be achieved by going the extra mile.

To be really good at what we do, and thus be paid well for it, we MUST be willing to go above and beyond to develop excellence at our crafts.

But most of us only want to do what’s required. And then we wonder why we’re not being compensated like our excellent counterparts.

It’s because they went the extra mile and we didn’t. While we were sleeping, swiping, and sitting on our couches, they were working with the law.

They filled a need. Made themselves difficult to replace by becoming excellent at what they do. They went the extra mile and paid the price.

As Bob Proctor says on today’s QOD episode, if you’re not prepared to pay the price, you DO NOT deserve the reward.

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Bob’s Website: bobproctor.com
Source: Paradigm Shift 2018 Livestream Recordings

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