We got caught.

Blindsided. Pants down around our ankles.

And as my uncle would say, without a pot to p*ss in.

What do I mean?

Well, according to CNBC Money, 78% of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck, and the vast majority of Americans have less than $1,000 saved for that inevitable rainy day.

It’s raining.

Literally overnight, we went from clear skies to an economic thunderstorm.

And maybe 15% of us owned an umbrella.

Now, there are all kinds of factors at play when it comes to our financial climate. But the one that’s rarely discussed is the way we think and feel about money, people with money, and the idea of having more than enough money to weather these storms.

Here’s the truth …

If you despise rich people, you’ll never have financial freedom. Because your brain won’t let you become one of them.

If you think more money causes more problems …

If you say things like money won’t buy happiness …

Or that all you need is love …

Well, you’re in for a rough year. Because if you don’t have any money right now, you’ve got big problems. You’re not feeling so happy. And the landlord doesn’t accept love checks.

To be able to thrive despite the thunder and lightning, you have got to get your mind right when it comes to money.

That’s why I’ve officially declared this week Money Mindset Week on the podcast. So you can take a step back from your limiting money beliefs, re-examine them, and make a choice to replace them with ideas that are actually true. So you can thrive despite the thunder and lightning.

On today’s episode, Les Brown reveals the ways money can make things possible for you and your family.

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