I was freaking out.

The thing was, I had no idea why I was so scared.

All I knew was that whenever I made any progress with my business goals, I would sabotage them.

My self-destruction hit a crescendo when I sat up in bed one afternoon and deleted my YouTube channel.

Forty thousand subscribers, poof, gone.

This was around the time when I received an advance copy of Dr. Srini Pillay’s book Life Unlocked.

The third chapter of Pillay’s book changed everything.

It was about the fear of success. The author outlined about a dozen separate fears that fall under the umbrella of this paradoxical and often unconscious fear.

For example:

The fear of the responsibility of success.

Check. Got that one!

The fear of being wrong, of being “found out.”

Check. Got that one, too!

The fear of the unknown.

Uh, yup!

I felt like that chapter had been written with me in mind. What I’d thought was a fear of failing was in fact the opposite. My greatest fear was succeeding — the responsibility, the unknown, the vulnerability of it all.

The day your life changes is when you become aware of the internal conflicts you didn’t know you had before. It’s when you realize that what you want is the same thing you’re scared sh*tless of.

Because to have the success you want also means that your life as you’ve always known it will never be the same again.

But here’s the thing. If you didn’t think you were capable of becoming successful, you wouldn’t have a fear of success.

Ponder that.

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Happy Halloween,


Source: Breakthrough Your Fear Of Success With Lisa Jimenez

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