Make a vow today.

To stop criticizing yourself, scaring yourself, being unkind and impatient with yourself.

Make a vow to finally accept yourself for the wonderful person you are.

Self-acceptance doesn’t mean that you’re no longer allowed to change anything about yourself. 

It means that you love yourself without condition, regardless of your flaws; that you can be both okay with yourself and committed to change, at the same time.

Imagine how your energy would shift.

Remember, attention is energy.

When you’re ignoring all of your strengths while attending to and disparaging your flaws, you put yourself into an energetic state — a low vibration — that isn’t conducive for change.

Because you’re thinking negatively. And when your thoughts about yourself are negative, they have a way of becoming reality. Or remaining reality.

Can you commit to being okay as you are?

If so, today’s episode with Louise Hay will show you how to LOVE YOURSELF while making the changes you want. Tap the play button above to listen in!

Source: Louise Hay – Self Love – Learn to Love yourself


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