Ready for an “aha” moment?

Over the past few years, we’ve talked quite a bit about the upper limits we place on our incomes. How we have an internal set point for the amount of abundance we’ll allow ourselves to accept.

But could this concept apply to your happiness?

Is it possible that you have an upper limit on how good you feel?

I mean, why is it that when you’re feeling fantastic, when everything is going oh so well, you start looking for something to worry about?

Could it be that you start worrying because you’re feeling so good?


If there’s one QOD episode to listen to all week, today’s is the one. Our featured speaker, Gay Hendricks, reveals the 4 fears that make us sabotage our own happiness and success. This is GOLD, my friend.

Source: Dr. Gay Hendricks on Taking the Big Leap into Your Zone of Genius

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