Call me crazy.

No seriously, call me crazy. Please.

Because when “they” call you crazy, you can feel certain that you’re on the right track.

You can rest assured that the decisions you’ve made and the actions you’re taking — as unconventional as they may be — are leading you to a result that only the few have gotten.

When they call you crazy, remember to examine their fruits. Because it’s by their fruits, or their results, that you’ll know whether their way is working.

Usually, it’s not. It’s not working at all. They’re just following a plan that someone else laid out for them. Fingers crossed. Following the herd. Putting on a show.

Meanwhile, those who break away from the pack have their sanity called into question. They must be crazy — for following their hearts, making their own decisions, doing what they love, thinking for themselves, aiming higher.

Make it your goal to be called crazy. Accept it as a badge of courage for taking creative control over your life. Own your crazy.

The fruits taste better over here.

On today’s QOD episode, Garrett Gunderson is back to give you a financial pep talk the likes of which you’ve never heard before. Chances are, your financial advisor will call it “crazy.” But the rich will tell you it works.

Source: They Want You to Be POOR (What the Richest Don’t Want You to KNOW)!

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