I can’t find it anymore.

I guess the owner took it off of YouTube.

But it was the PERFECT video for teaching one of life’s most important lessons.

Here was this guy kneeling beside a hand well pump, trying his hardest to manually draw water from the well.

He pumped, pumped, pumped …

Not a drop of water to show for his efforts.

Then, if I remember correctly, a friend handed him a hose, and the man poured a stream of water down into the pump.

He went back to pumping.

Pump, pump, pump …

That’s when a surge of water began to gush from the spout.

Where, only minutes prior, there appeared to be no supply, became a fountainhead of abundance.

He just had to put something in before he could get anything out.

And that, to me, is one of life’s most important lessons. If you’re not priming the pump of life, if you’re not putting anything in, if you’re always looking to get without giving, you can’t expect life to shower you with plenty.

Until you start putting something in, what you can expect to get is, well, not a drop.

Tap the PLAY button to hear Zig Ziglar reveal how you can prime the pump and participate in the flow of an abundant life.

Source: Zig Ziglar – Prime the Pump

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