It’s probably the most widespread abundance block of them all.

When that thing called DESIRE bubbled up from within and inspired us to have something more than we had, we were often met with these words:

“You should be satisfied with what you have.”

Those words were (and still are) the foundation of many disowned wants and dishonored selves. They’re a source of guilt and shame for being spiritual beings with innate desires to create more for ourselves and others.

So we beat ourselves up and apologize for being humans, for wanting more than we have. Because, according to someone who had very little, we should be content with life’s bare necessities.

What we learn from authority figures during our earliest years can shape our entire lives. The programs are etched deep into our subconscious minds.

And if spirit is for expansion and greater expression — the very opposite of satisfaction — then a perfect way to screw someone up is to encourage them to be satisfied with what they have.

In my opinion.

I’m no biblical scholar, but John 10:10 says: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

To me, abundance doesn’t have anything to do with barely getting by or being satisfied with mere essentials.

Abundance doesn’t mean being broke, or living check to check.

Abundance means plenty; having a copious quantity of something.

But the only thing many of us have an abundance of is guilt and shame about desiring abundance.

All because of ridiculous stuff we heard other people say a long, long time ago and unconsciously made part of our belief systems.

Be grateful for what you have. But the moment you become satisfied with it is the moment you stop growing. You stop creating, which is the very thing you’re here for.

Today on the podcast, Bob Proctor reveals the creative power of dissatisfaction. It’s good stuff! Tap a link below to listen in.

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