You can create, or you can be distracted.

You can actually DO the thing, or you can continue to talk about it, read more about it, chase the squirrels.

How many times have you felt ready to do the thing, but then … squirrel! … you’re distracted by the next book you “need” to read, or the next course you “have to” take, before you really feel ready to do it?

It’s endless; this perpetual cycle of distractions and getting ready to get ready.

Meanwhile, the days, months, and years pass you by. With no substantive action. Just a lot of preparation with no progress or performance.

Successful people don’t chase squirrels. They commit to creation over procrastination. They choose to spend less time consuming someone else’s work, and more time churning out their own. Less time scrolling through pictures of other people’s perfect lives, and more time creating a perfect life that others want to scroll.

Successful people have this uncanny (and nowadays, rare) ability to sit their asses down and write the book, or create the program, or develop the product.

Despite the squirrels.

Or as Robin Sharma, author of The 5AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life, says on today’s episode, “You can be distracted, or you can get epic work done. You can’t do both.”

Happy Friday!

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