I figured I’d stop by and lay down the law.

Moving forward, you are to think the way I want you to think. Feel the way I want you to feel. Say only what I want you to say. Do what I want you to do.

Before you make any major decisions, or even begin to think about changing anything about yourself, I want you to be sure to run it by m first.

Never forget that your life will not work without my approval.

Because, well, I know what’s best for you. Duh.

And if you choose to not be my own personal robot, my Mini Me, there’s this thing called “my love” that I will promptly cut you off from. Every bit of it. Tread lightly.

Of course I’m not serious about any of the above. But when you really think about it, this is exactly how a lot of us choose to live out our lives — seeking the approval of others, asking for permission, making someone else’s opinion more important than the opinion we have of ourselves.

At the same time, we feel compelled to do something more with our lives.

But here’s the truth …

You cannot be just like everybody else and have anything to offer the world.

The conformist never changes the world. He or she can’t even change oneself without someone else’s permission. Instead they stay clinging to conditional love disguised as the real thing.

But, as Dr. Wayne Dyer explains on today’s episode, real love doesn’t expect you to edit or alter yourself in order to fit into someone else’s expectations of you.

You be you. When you do that, you find out what real love is.

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