Let’s be honest …

We all want financial security and the options that come with it.

The question is how.

The answer is habits.

But most of us have this thing bass ackwards. It’s kinda like when I was a personal trainer and people would tell me that they’d sign up to train with me once they lost some weight.

Yeah, you can imagine how many signed up.

When it comes to our finances, we tend to do the same thing. We pledge to start saving, investing, and giving our money once our situations improve. Then we wonder why things never get better.

It’s upside down. Effects never precede causes. For financial circumstances to improve, we have to save, invest, and give from where we are. Even if all we have to get started is our dimes or a dollar.

Though the numbers may add up slower than we’d like, what counts is the habit.

On today’s Finance Friday episode of the podcast, Robert Kiyosaki shows you how to use 3 piggy banks to adopt one of the most powerful habits of the rich. Plus, you’ll find out one thing that only the smartest investors do.

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