Which came first?

When I was a health coach, I often found myself asking that very question.

Did the frustration of dealing with his or her health challenge cause my client’s cynical, gloomy attitude … or was it the other way around?

In other words, did the client’s pessimistic way of thinking and feeling precede the health challenge?

Was it possible that their thoughts were making them sick?

Today, not only do I know the answer to these questions, but I understand how it all works physiologically.

I understand how the repetitive thoughts we have, every single day, create “molecules of emotions” that interact with our cells and subsequently alter the expression of our DNA, leading to a myriad of health challenges.

As much as we don’t want to hear it, many times (but not all of the time) our health problems are literally all in our heads.

They are often the unfortunate consequences of how we think, as well as our chemical addictions to how we feel.

But don’t take my word for it. On today’s episode, Dr. Joe Dispenza breaks down the science behind how your thoughts can not only make you sick, but they can also make you well.

Dr. Dispenza books are available at QODBooks.com. You can find today’s full talk here.

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