Imagine this.

You wake up one morning, take a look in the mirror, and all of a sudden see the real you.

Instead of attending to your alleged imperfections, you see nothing but perfection staring back at you.

Not for one minute do you question this perfection; you receive it. It feels right. Normal, in fact.

There’s a different pep in your step. More empowering thoughts streaming through your brain. An expectation that today will be a good day.

Because you learned somewhere that you get what you expect. So you’ve made a habit of only expecting the best, and having the confidence that you can handle the rest.

You see life differently … because you see yourself differently.

That’s the power of the self-image. Our circumstances have a way of moving in lock-step with how we perceive ourselves.

So, what if?

What if you walked through life seeing yourself as confident, worthy, intelligent, and attractive?

How would your results be different? Which goals would you have already accomplished? How happy would you feel?

The cool thing about self-image is that, no matter how poor it can get sometimes, you can change it. (Check out a book called Psycho-Cybernetics to find out how.)

When you change the self-image, you literally create a new reality for yourself. The world changes, because you changed.

Today on the podcast Dan Lok keeps this topic going, as he shares how self-image is almost always the missing link between ourselves and our goals.

You can find today’s full talk here.

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