This is NOT easy.

But as soon as you decide to do it, you’ll notice something …

Life gets so … much … easier.

Stress levels go way down. The sense of chronic overwhelm evaporates. You feel like you can breathe again.

The things you’ve always wanted to do become the things you’re actually doing.

And chances are the only hurdle standing between you and this glorious state of personal liberation is … well, you.

Maybe you feel like there’s no one on Planet Earth who can clean your house, fold the clothes, keep up the garden, wash the car, pack the lunches, schedule the appointments, send the invoices, collect the payments, and keep the books like YOU can.

And let’s even suppose that all of the above is 100-percent true. You’re the best house cleaner, clothes folder, personal assistant, and bookkeeper of all time.

The question remains, what could you accomplish if you let some of it go?

What if you asked for help?

What if you hired someone and did some delegating?

How would life look and feel then?

Wait! Before you say you can’t afford to delegate, you HAVE TO hear today’s QOD episode with Chalene Johnson. The truth is, if overwhelm is keeping you from achieving what you want to achieve, you likely can’t afford not to delegate.

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