I don’t have any children.


But my vision and expectation of who I will be as a parent has been crystal clear for as long as I remember.

For me, the most important thing is time.

I want to have time for my kids. Time to walk them to school. Time to pick them up. Time to talk. To really get to know who they are.

When I close my eyes and envision my future family, I always see us gathered around the dinner table. Talking. Usually laughing, but sometimes not. With the TV off. Phones put away. Enjoying our time together.

And not just on holidays and birthdays, but everyday. (I know, there will be exceptions. But you get what I mean.)

I think all of us just want to feel loved. To feel like we belong. And when a child seldom sees or speaks to his or her parents, when a parent and a child barely know each other, it’s hard to feel either. So they look for these feelings elsewhere. And they can find them in the wrong places.

Maybe this is why I take money mindset, financial abundance, and passive income so seriously. Because one of the most precious things that money can buy is time. And the investment of time is the key to any healthy relationship, including the one we have with our children.

Today on the podcast, Brian Tracy wraps up our mini-series on how to raise happy, successful children, as he shares 3 ways to make children feel loved.

Today’s clip comes from Brian Tracy’s course Goals Mastery for Personal and Financial Achievement.

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