It’s an interesting world we’re living in.

I mean, it’s like you can’t say or do anything these days without offending someone.

Some people live their entire lives looking for … searching for … something to be offended by. 

For some reason, they expect the rest of us to conform to their own personal beliefs.

“You’re wrong. I’m right.”

One of the first things I teach my Money Mind Academy students is that there are 7.6 billion belief systems on this planet.

Those who believe that their belief system is the right belief system are the ones who completely close themselves off to so many of life’s wonderful possibilities.

Rigid thinking seldom produces greatness. It’s usually too pissed off to engender anything beyond the ordinary. It’s just mad all the time, hoping in vain that everyone will follow “the rules.”

Sounds like a shitty way to live. Then again, if anyone can explain the perks of having an easily-offended, closed mind, I’m open to understanding it better.

Today on the podcast, Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses what can happen when you open your mind to everything and are attached to nothing. It’s a good one. And the crystal chair joke will give you a good chuckle. Dyer got jokes. 🙂

Today’s clip comes from The Wayne Dyer Audio Collection.

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