Take me baaaaaack!

Let me tell you, it’s pretty darn remarkable what seven days in paradise can do.

I love my job, so getting me to pack a bag, close my laptop, and hop on a plane ain’t easy. But after last week’s epic recess to the island of Maui, I can see how calling a time-out every now and then can be a wonderful refresher for the mind.

I lounged by the pool, swam in the ocean, watched 6 sunsets, snorkeled with the fishes.

It was dope. If you haven’t been, go!

While I was underwater, an interesting debate exploded on the internet.

Apparently, a picture of Kylie Jenner on the cover of Forbes Magazine has a way of pissing people off. Especially when the caption makes reference to the 21-year-old soon becoming the youngest-ever “self-made” billionaire.

Yeah, referring to the cosmetics magnate as “self-made,” although she was born into an uber-wealthy family, doesn’t tend to go over so well.

There’s something that feels kinda absurd about attributing self-made status to the privileged.

I mean, not many of us can drop $250K on our first round of product and promote it to 100 million Instagram followers.

At the same time, I’m 100-percent certain that not many of us could handle a single hour of the criticism and vitriol this young woman has been reading in her social media comments since she was 13.

Self-made? Maybe not, in the traditional sense.

Strong as f*ck, with skin thicker than a bowl of oatmeal?

Willing to take the hits and keep moving forward?


You go girl.

There are four words that I wish we’d say more often … and really mean them … instead of looking for reasons for why THEY could and why we can’t:

I’m happy for you.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Les Brown reminds us that all of us are self-made … but only the successful will admit it.

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