It’s only been 65 days.

You remember, that time when you were all stoked about the new year. A fresh start. The new you.

It really wasn’t that long ago — just 9 weeks and 2 days.

But a lot has happened since then. Life happened.

In the meantime, 80% of us totally forgot about our New Year’s Resolutions.

So this is a reminder to pause and reflect back on the feelings of excitement and the eager anticipation of what you declared you’d create no matter what got in your way.

Find your goal card. 

Read it. See it. Feel it. 

If you can’t find it, write a new one.

If you never wrote one, start today.

“I am so happy and grateful now that I am ______________________ .”

Present tense. Keep it with you at all times. Read often. 

And most importantly, BE SPECIFIC.

To ask for more money may result in a one dollar annual pay raise.

If you ask for a better significant other, don’t be surprised if the universe sends you someone who’s just a wee bit better than the last.

What do you really want?

Give yourself permission to ask for what you truly desire. Remember, spirit would never give you a desire that you did not have the power to co-create. 

Claim it, with no concern for the how. Belief and specificity have a way of working magic. Trust the process.

You have 300 days left. What will you do with them?

On today’s QOD episode, Jack Canfield returns to discuss the importance of getting specific when setting your goals and how to break your goals in a way that makes them less overwhelming.

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