He lost $110 million.

Just how anyone can spend that much money in a lifetime can be pretty baffling.

But former NBA All-Star, Antoine Walker, managed to achieve this not-so-rare feat. And it only took him 14 years.

A collection of luxury cars. Mansions. Bling. An entourage to feed. Literally giving away money to friends and family.


“I thought I was set for life,” he said in an article for CNN Money.

He was set all right. He was set at his “financial set point” and didn’t know it.

As you’ll learn in today’s Finance Friday episode of The Quote of The Day Show with speaker Darren Hardy, we all have an internal thermostat for financial success.

Just like your heater kicks on when your home is too cold, your financial set point governs how you attract or repel money.

We’ve all seen this set point in action. Lottery winners going flat broke. Celebrities in deep trouble with the IRS. And $110MM basketball players filing for bankruptcy.

But those are the extremes. What no one really talks about is the person with the $35K set point who moves up to a $45K salary. How fast will that extra ten grand disappear? How long before he finds himself even deeper in debt?

If you’re having a frustrating time getting ahead financially, check your set point … and raise that thing!

But how do you raise your financial set point?

I can help with that.

As you know, I’ve been working all year on creating a money mindset course for you. It’s been a bit of a mad obsession of mine. And today I’m happy to announce that Money Mind Academy is officially ready for launch. Woot!

But …

With the holidays upon us, it’s not the best time to start a course. Too many distractions, ya know. So our first Money Mind class will kick off Tuesday, January 2nd. Perfect timing for your financial New Year’s Resolution.

Speaking of financial resolutions. The #1 reason why very few actually achieve them is because the set point hasn’t been shifted to match the goal.

Money Mind Academy is an 8-week online course I meticulously designed to raise your set point by revealing, releasing, and replacing limiting beliefs about money.

I like to call it this 8-step process The Money Mind Reset — reveal, recruit, relax, repeat, realign, release, renegotiate, receive.

Our first Money Mind class is over a month away, but the Early Enrollment period will open next Tuesday morning.

I don’t want to make the mistake of taking on more students than I can handle this first time around. (Been there.) So I’m keeping this first round of classes pretty small with limited seating. I expect seats to go fast. 

To be the first to receive enrollment info, tap the link below to get on the list.


And don’t forget to listen to today’s QOD episode with Darren Hardy. It’s a good one.

Hope you had the Happiest Thanksgiving!

See you in class,


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