No eye contact.

Okay, maybe for just a second. But even that felt unbearable. I had to look away.

I was so full of self-doubt back then. Zero confidence in myself. Socially awkward AF.

I hoped that someday I would all of a sudden wake up as the confident being I wished I could be. It doesn’t work that way, though. I had to DO something.

I always tell my masterminders that their businesses will be a vehicle for becoming more confident people. That if they’d met me back in 2006, they’d wonder who the hell this no-eye-contact-giving dude was.

That guy is long gone now. With each uncomfortably courageous action I took, and every lesson I learned, the more confident version I had dreamt of slowly became a reality.

Record and upload the YouTube video. Learn that new skill. Totally botch the first day of a huge launch. Write and send that ultra-vulnerable email. Interview the famous expert. Host the live event for the very first time. Deal with a week of angry emails/comments for that thing I probably shouldn’t have said or wrote.

Little by little, I’ve learned that there’s nothing I cannot handle. That for every problem there’s a solution. That fear and self-doubt are usually the body’s way of forecasting growth. But only if you act.

As Mel Robbins says on today’s QOD Show, confidence begins with action. When you take action, you’ll sometimes fail and other times succeed. With each success and failure, you’ll learn something new. You’ll become more competent. Which breeds more confidence.

All of it begins with action. It doesn’t just happen someday. You have to act.

So, what action can YOU take today to become more competent and confident?

What have you been putting off, waiting for the day when you wake up and feel like doing it?

Chances are, you’ll NEVER feel like doing it.

You gotta 5 Second Rule that sh*t.

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