I used to hurt myself.

To be honest, I still do. Just not nearly as much.

It was King Solomon who once said that in all of your getting, get understanding.

Understanding is such a powerful thing. It can immediately shift the way you perceive things. The way you perceive yourself.

This past year, I think I’ve managed to fully rebrand myself as the personal development guy. However, I still have a love for health and human physiology.

I get a kick out of making sense of the commonly-heard self-help platitudes by studying the changes that take place in the body when we … say … make an image, repeat our affirmations, think from the end, etc.

Lately I’ve become fascinated with emotions and how they affect our health. The way our thoughts generate chemical messengers which ultimately result in our emotions. And how these chemical messengers influence the production of proteins in our cells.

The proteins our cells produce are the backbone of our physical health. When we persistently think and feel in a way that doesn’t serve us, our cells get in the habit of making not-so-good proteins. So you can imagine what this does to our health.

Maybe this is why the docs keep telling us that it’s all in our heads. The truth is, the root cause(s) of many of today’s health challenges can be found above the neck. In the incessant loop of cynical thoughts, “negative” emotions, and the proteins our cells churn out because of them.

The understanding I’ve gained from my research is that when I find myself in a loop of negative thinking, or when I express a less than kind thought, statement, or judgment about another human being, I’m not only hurting them, I am hurting myself.

It’s physiology.

Now that I have this understanding, have I stopped ALL of my negative thinking? Have all of my subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) judgments ceased? Not even.

But there’s power in this awareness. A power to recognize when I’m being Mr. Judgy McJudgerson. To stop the judgment in its tracks. To reframe it as an opportunity to explore what it is about me that needed to make the judgment in the first place. And to ask myself if it’s worth hurting myself (and maybe someone else) over.

It’s not.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, Dr. Wayne Dyer is back to deliver one of the most powerful messages you’ll hear all year:

“When You Judge Another Person, You Don’t Define Them. You Define Yourself as Someone Who Needs to Judge.”

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