I’m still a bit stunned.

But as I wrote last week, we have to be willing to be shocked and surprised by the unpredictable ways in which our good shows up.

If you didn’t know, for the past 3 years I’ve attended my high school’s tuition assistance fundraiser to help make a private school education affordable to lower-income families.

Twenty years ago, my family was one of those families. So in 2015, I was invited to speak to the donors and share my story of how tuition assistance impacted my life.

The talk went well.

Last year, I went back. I wasn’t a speaker that time, but the highlight of the night was when I won the raffle for a trip to Maui.

The crazy thing about it was that I KNEW I was going to win. No, not in a “it was rigged” kinda way. I just had a feeling all day that I would win. And when it was time to pick the winner, I closed my eyes, imagined myself sitting on a beach in Maui, felt like I was already there, and EXPECTED to win.

And I won. I kid you not.

I didn’t end up actually going to Maui, however. Yeah, I’m the only guy you know who would rather stay at home and read books than go to a magical island. So I sent my Mom and aunt in my place. They had a blast.

Anyway, fast forward to this past weekend. Tuition assistance dinner numero tres. This time, I had the pleasure of being the auctioneer.

It was a silent auction. I started off by telling my story. I shared the importance of giving, and how generosity is the key to living an abundant life. No, not giving for the sole purpose of getting something back, but giving because that’s who you are.

The audience seemed inspired.

OH YEAH, it is tiiiiime for some auction! Strike while the iron is HOT!

So I called out the different donation levels, starting at 10K and going down to $25. A couple paddles went up at $10K. One at $7500. A bunch at $1000. A handful at $500. A ton at $100. A couple at $25.

Off the top of my head, we raised about $45K or so. (Fist bump.)

But check this out.

Once the auction was over, it was time to draw the winner of this year’s Maui raffle. I was handed a big bowl FULL of ticket stubs. Then I turned to our student speaker, Ozi, who drew the winning number.

Me: And the winner is …

Ozi: Twenty-three!

No one screamed, hollered, or stood up to claim their trip. Weird.

Me: Ozi, did you say 23 or 53?

Ozi: Twenty-three.

Me: Hang on a second.

I reached into my jacket pocket to check the five tickets I had purchased earlier in the evening.

I took a look, and right there on top was ticket number 23.

Me: I won again.

Pandemonium! The crowd went wild. It was the most unbelievable thing ever.

Then I yelled across the room to my mom…

“Hey Mom, I’m going this time!”

Like I said, I’m still stunned. I mean, what are the odds that I’d win the same raffle two years in a row? And that I’d announce myself as the winner.

But wait, there’s more.

I started doing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s audio meditations last week. In one of the meditations, he suggests that you ask for a sign from the universe that it hears you.

Three days after asking for my sign, I win a raffle for the second time. And I win it with what’s been my lucky number since childhood.

Number 23.

It’s Michael Jordan’s jersey number. It’s a number that I include somewhere in all of my passwords and PINs. And one of the reasons I write at the same coffee shop three times a week is because the building number is 23.

Apparently, the Universe is hearing me loud and clear.

Maui, here I come.

Anyway, today’s episode of The Quote of The Day Show has absolutely nothing to do with any of the above. But it’s really good! Les Brown is back to reveal the importance of finding and discovering your talents, gifts, and abilities in order to make your dream life a reality.

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