Words can be weapons.

They can cut deep. Break hearts. Hurt feelings.

They can leave us covered head to toe with invisible scars, hidden from sight but the hardest to heal.

Words are thoughts. And from thoughts arise feelings. Despite their momentary nature, we can’t help but feel the wounds words leave behind.

Words can come in many forms — criticisms, attacks, put-downs, insults, abuse — and they can come from countless sources.

But the truth is, the most painful words we encounter often come from ourselves.

We’re not good enough. Smart enough. Good-looking enough. Rich enough. Courageous enough.

We’re incapable. Unlikeable. UnLOVEable.

The relationship many of us have with ourselves is a violent one. Instead of fists, we use words. We criticize ourselves. Compare ourselves. Lack any sense of compassion for ourselves.

We look for love from the outside while we’ve buried our own true loving nature under layer upon layer of self-condemnation on the inside.

That loving nature, it’s still there. It’s always there.

We find it when we use our words wisely.

Today on The Quote of The Day Show, my good friend Christine Hassler asks a question that we should all consider:

“If you talked to your friends like you often talk to yourself,
would you have any friends?”

If the answer is no, tap the PLAY button above to learn a powerful self-love tool you can put to use when the critic within make its next unwelcome and unloving appearance.

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