Lying through their teeth.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those ads, claims, and big promises you keep seeing, are just not true.

You are not gonna be a social media influencer with over 10K followers in 60 days or less.

You are not going to “instantly attract” your “perfect clients” and charge “premium prices” … when you just got your coaching certification last month.

You will not be having your first 6-figure course launch … without an audience! …. without using webinars! … without creating any content! … apparently without doing anything at all!

You. Are. Not.

In the online business world, the basic principle of delayed gratification is somehow no longer a thing.

We want it now.

Just yesterday, I got an Instagram message from an “influencer” who “noticed I was doing great things” and wanted to “chat.”

I clicked on his profile. He had over 34,000 followers. Problem was, his posts averaged maybe 11 likes each.

Dude bought his followers.

He couldn’t wait.

He skipped steps.

Instead of doing the squats and lunges, he forked over the cash for the Brazilian butt lift.

So yeah, we won’t be chatting.

I feel like I’m about to launch into an 8-page rant about this kind of silliness going on online. But I won’t.

I’ll just say this …

For every successful online business you know, there were YEARS of bad posts, poor messaging, and product launches gone wrong.

Like anything worth doing and having, there’s a price to be paid. You have to keep making deposits — one blog post, podcast, video, and/or IG reel at a time. There are no discounts. Success never goes on sale.

I’ve been in this game for 16 years now. I’ve recorded over 2000 podcast episodes. Filmed and edited hundreds of YouTube videos. Written 2415 newsletters.

Like all things, it all started in the beginning. That very first YouTube video uploaded in 2007. That first podcast episode recorded in 2008. (On a cordless phone, by the way.) That first health coaching client in 2009. First ebook sale in 2010. First 6-figure launch in 2011. First podcasting contract in 2021.

Nothing was instant. Everything was and still is imperfect. These things take consistency, commitment, and most of all, time. A willingness to delay gratification more than 60 days or less.

And lemme tell you, despite what the catchy social media ads say, you can’t do any of it without building an audience, creating content, or hosting webinars or online events.

(Which is actually kinda ironic since the lying marketers attract you with their content so you can join their audience and attend the webinar that sells you on their products and courses. You can’t make this stuff up!)

Anyway, I can keep going. But I’ll leave the rest to today’s QOD speaker, Vanessa Van Edwards, tells THE WHOLE STORY about what goes on behind the scenes when building an online business from scratch.

This one is a must-listen if you’re an online entrepreneur.

Source: Vanessa Van Edwards | Motivational | Keynote Speaker | SpeakInc

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