She was too busy to do her job.

When I stepped up to her cash register, she didn’t greet me with a hello and a smile. Instead, this Target employee looked up at me and nonchalantly said…

“I’ll be with you in a second.”

So I stood there (for more than a second) while she finished firing off a text message.

A few days later, I took my car to the wash. The apparently disgruntled young man with the “I don’t want to be here” body language signaled that he was finished cleaning the interior.

He. Was. Not.

I sat down in my SUV, looked at the center console, and witnessed a ghastly sight — fingerprints, food crumbs, dried-up dog slobber.


Did I really just pay $25 for this?

Even now, as I write this newsletter, the cashier at my local coffee shop looks like she’d rather be somewhere else. Most likely in bed. Anywhere but here.

Maybe it’s just me, but the ducks are taking over. They show up to work ready to do the bare minimum. They mope around the office. Show up late. Refuse to go above and beyond for their customers, co-workers, and employers.


And when that promotion doesn’t come, they often blame their lack of ducky advancement on their race, their gender, their sexual preference.

**Which in some instances may be true.**

But there’s also this other reason: the one having to do with the fact that they absolutely SUCK at their jobs.

Show me a duck and I’ll show you their future. Most will end up swimming in small ponds with other ducks, quack-quack-quacking about how unfair life is.

Meanwhile, above their heads the eagles soar. The ones who showed up to work on-time. Did more than they were asked. Treated customers like royalty. Became dynamic leaders. Earned their advancements.

The ducks call them lucky duckies.

However, the eagles see things much differently. The altitude at which they soar is simply the result of timeless values that have almost universally led to positive outcomes — hard work, personal responsibility, delayed gratification, generosity, and service.

My point…

Don’t be a duck. Entitlement is not a good look. In this game of life, the ducks have their asses handed to them. Only the eagles win.

Be an eagle.

On today’s episode, Dr. Wayne Dyer goes HAM (that means hard as a mother fudger) on the ducks. The comments are blowing up my Instagram DMs this morning. Enjoy!

Source: Audiobook: Choosing your own Greatness by Wayne Dyer

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