This has nothing to do with today’s episode.

But it needs to be said.

Because I can’t let you quit.

Today, January 13th, is national Quitters Day. It’s when most people’s New Year’s resolutions are TOAST.

What was top of mind only a week ago has been wiped from the record, sent down the memory hole.

The thrill is gone. The giddy feeling of anticipation has turned into procrastination. Dopamine levels have plummeted back to baseline. Habitual behaviors baked into your neural pathways are once again firing full tilt.

The castles you built in the air have come back down to earth, where you’re faced with the anxiety, accountability, and hard work required to build them.

To me, resolutions are not only about knowing what you want; they’re about knowing yourself. They’re about looking at your patterns, at how you do this to yourself every year.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Start. Stop…

They’re an opportunity to explore why what you thought you wanted and deserved only a few days ago is no longer that important.

Which uncomfortable feelings are you trying to avoid?

Which familiar yet failing relationships are you holding onto?

Whose dreams are you putting before your own?

The prevailing conversation around goals reads like an IKEA instructions manual. Just follow these 5 steps and it’ll all come together. But before long, things start coming apart.

In other words, a physical “doing” approach to goals and resolutions is dreadfully incomplete without addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of things.

Which is why this second Friday of the first month of the year has been designated to observe the ones who’ve already given up on themselves.

Given up on a better life for their families.

Given up on experiencing better health and fitness.

Given up on better friendships.

The quitters.

This is their day. Don’t let it be yours.


On a separate note, on today’s QOD, Ed Mylett shows you how to initiate and build new relationships by taking the time to acknowledge others and making them feel good.

Source: RBLC Ed Mylett Part 5

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