You need a reason.

Not just any reason, but one that’s so BIG that it dwarfs your fears of failure, rejection, and loss.

I like to think of it this way…

There’s a tug of war going on in your brain. On one end of the rope is all of your early life programming that conditioned you to value safety and security. While on the other end is the part of you that wants more for yourself and your family. More out of life. To become the real you.

Unfortunately, the latter end has a losing record. It’s perpetually having its ass handed to it by a very reasonable and biological need to survive, to avoid physical and psychological pain, to fit in and feel protected.

The only way for you to win this war is to have a reason that outweighs the reasonable. To have a reason that’s so important, one that so moves you emotionally, that you can’t not do it.

So, what’s your BIG reason?

If you’re not making any progress toward your goal, not as committed as you know you should be, or still making fitting in a high priority, your reason isn’t big enough.

You may be wondering, what does a BIG reason even look like? What is it that can move someone from inertia to action, from sitting in the bleachers of life to stepping on the field and playing the game?

Today on the podcast, Patrick Bet-David reveals how a family emergency gave him all the reason he needed to give up who he was so he could become who he is. His story is what a BIG reason looks like. 

His old programming and conditioning doesn’t stand a chance. 

Tap the play button below to find out what it is.

Source: Patrick Bet-David Keynote | Driven 2018

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