There’s this mountain I like to hike.

Standing at the bottom and looking straight up, it feels like the summit is way too far yonder. Totally unreachable. Like I’ll never ever get there.

Regardless of how many times I’ve hiked this trail, that summit is still intimidating AF.

I’ve learned over the years that there are two ways I can approach this situation…

First option. I can put on my game face and make a mad dash to the top, constantly asking myself if I’m “there” yet.

Everybody get TF out of my way! And stop bringing your boom boxes on the trail! No one wants to hear your music!

Option #2 is to not looks so angry, maybe slow my roll a bit, and make it a point to pause at every quarter-mile marker so I can peep the view. To take a moment to celebrate the progress I’ve made.

Because while I may not be “there” (yet), I’m no longer where I was. And at every quarter-milestone the view is always better than the one before. 

I won’t lie to you and tell you that I always choose Option #2. Patience was never my thing. But if every once in a while we can remind ourselves to take a pause to acknowledge the progress we’ve made, to celebrate how the view is so much better than the last time we looked, we’ll find more joy in the journey.

Today on The QOD Show, Steve Harvey encourages you to stop waiting to make it to the mountaintop before you feel like you’ve made it. There’s so much to celebrate on the way.

Source: Brother Steve Harvey Speaks – 2017

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