Human beings are belief confirmation machines.

It’s what we do.

Why? Because we love to be right.

We like to say … “See, I knew it.”

Not realizing that we participated in creating it.

We tend to cling to our beliefs and perceive the world through their prism, filtering out evidence to the contrary.

It’s like a movie I enjoyed as a kid, in which one of the main characters walked the streets with a funk band playing live music behind him. Our beliefs are like the background music of our lives. Always playing. Setting the scene. Telling us what to look for. Until we find it.

“See, I knew it.”

If you believe the world is a dangerous place, you’ll always feel unsafe. Danger will lurk around every corner.

If you believe people aren’t nice, you’ll twist their words and deeds until they fit the template of your pessimistic thinking.

If you believe good things never happen to you, you won’t see opportunity if it smacked you in the face.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those “always be positive” self-help people. (Have you read my Instagram stories???) Life is a duality with equal parts dark and light.

However, many of our grumblings we do to ourselves. Our limiting beliefs fixate our gazes upon the darkness, with tinges of light in the periphery. 

That’s a choice.

We can also choose to walk through life with a set of beliefs that literally opens our eyes to opportunity, abundance, connection, and joy.

The funny thing is, these things had been there all along.

On today’s episode, Louise Hay is back on stage to share her set of basic beliefs that guided her through life. Try them on for yourself. The background music is much better. And so is life.

Source: Louise Hay – How to Love Yourself

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