Halloween was yesterday.

But most of us are still wearing our masks and costumes.

Being someone other than who we really are. Trying our darnedest to fit in. To not get kicked out of the tribe. Living up (err, down) to someone else’s expectations. Distressed by the threat of being pinned with one of society’s many scarlet letters for sharing our thoughts and opinions.

It’s Halloween 365, where we act like someone we’re not, so we can live free of judgment, criticism, and enduring labels.

But none of this really sounds or feels like freedom. More like spiritual confinement with no room for expansion or expression, lest we offend the crabs who would rather we stay put in our buckets.

Not thriving, only surviving. Never seen for who we are, but for the masks and costumes that we don on the daily. Eagerly awaiting the day when we’ll have the courage to take them off, to rock our scarlet letters with honor and dignity, and to create a life that no longer resembles the day of the dead.

Today on the podcast, Bob Proctor shares one my favorite stories about removing your mask and experiencing true freedom.

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