In this episode, Bob Proctor highlights the strength of the will and the power of the mind. He presents this to us by elaborating on the value of ideas, beliefs, and self-confidence as foundations of human flourishing and resounding success in this episode.

According to Bob, self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings. A success story starts with ideas, but not everyone can absolutely believe in them and consistently act on them. He further contends that sacrifice comes first before success. And if you’re not prepared to pay the price, then you don’t deserve the reward.

As Bob shares his story, we discover that what differentiates successful people from others is their ideas. Successful people once believed they could stand right on top of the world. They believed they could, and so they did. Indeed, what you can conceive, you can definitely achieve.

Source: Paradigm Shift 2017 (unavailable)

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