In this episode, Rev. Ike narrates to us a story of affirmation and success. And through this story, he elaborates on how to manifest and bring out our inner aspirations and the good we desire.

According to Rev. Ike, what a man thinks, he becomes. For this reason, he highlights the power of feelings, beliefs, and the significance of self-affirmation. So go around feeling, thinking, and acting like you are who you want to be. Affirm and claim, “Yes! I am that I am.”

In sum, he shows us that even the wrong person can get the proper blessing if they make themselves feel right. As the Book of Proverbs states, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” In the same way, with our thoughts and beliefs, we make our world.

Source: Rev. Ike: “If You Can FEEL it, You Can HAVE it!” (Law of Attraction)

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