Quick story …

In the QOD Book Club we’re reading Personality Isn’t Permanent.

Phenomenal book, by the way.

In it, the author tells the story of the 2000 British Olympic rowing team.

 Having not won a gold medal since 1912, the team committed to their sole objective — winning the gold — by filtering their decisions and actions through a single question …

Will it make the boat go faster?

If the answer was yes, they did it.

If it wasn’t, they didn’t.

Easy as that.

They won the gold.

What are you saying yes to that doesn’t get you to your goal?

Right here in front of me, there’s a Post-It that says: Does it get you to (my goal)?

Here’s what my life looks like now …

Hey Sean, can we schedule a quick call?

No, thanks.

Wanna drive 30 minutes each way to have lunch, right in the middle of the day?

Negative, Ghost Rider.

Want to join some friends and me to learn some new strategies for building your audience so you can help more people?

Hell yeah, when and where?

For the next 7 days I challenge you to filter your decisions and actions through your one question.

Will it make your boat go faster?

If not, you know what to do.

Just say no.

On today’s episode, the late Steve Jobs reveals how Apple took a quantum leap forward by saying no more often.

Source: “Focusing is about saying no” – Steve Jobs (WWDC’97)

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