I don’t have any kids.

Maybe one day.

But there are a few things that are really important to me in the event that I do bear offspring.

1. I want to make sure that we live in a wealthy, safe neighborhood where my children can play freely and attend the best schools.

2. I want to help them avoid our nation’s student loan disaster by being able to pay for whichever college they choose to attend.

3. I want to help them pay for their weddings, so they don’t kick off their wedded lives up to their eyeballs in debt.

4. I want to give them the down payment for their first home, because constantly worrying about mortgage payments has a way of ruining the vibe within a marriage and family.

When we set aside the whole song and dance about how “money won’t make you happy,” a strong argument can be made for why wealth really does matter.

There is no rule that says we must seek happiness through money. Nor is there a coercive law that compels us to spend our wealth on material things that won’t hold their value. Those are choices.

The other choice we can make is to consider the generational effects of wealth. To literally pay our wealth forward and make the lives of our future children and grandchildren and great grandchildren just a little bit easier.

I see that as my responsibility to future Seans and Shawnas. 

Not to spoil them, but to at least give them a fighter’s chance in this life. If not, I couldn’t live with the guilt of not trying my hardest. For not fighting for them. Even when they’re not here yet.

On today’s episode, Dr. George Fraser delivers a passionate plea to stop the cycle of poverty and to start a new cycle of inter-generational wealth. This is a must-listen.

Source: Dr. George C. Fraser | First Financial Security, Inc.

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